Overnight Grinder Contest

For this special contest, the very first individual that completes a minimum stage completion of 85% for DONKEY KONG COUNTRY & DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2 (back-to-back, non-stop playthrough; SNES) will be awarded my entire amiibo collection that are all factory-sealed/gem-mint condition.

In order to make sure that the winning score is genuine, any and all submissions must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Recorded by digital video (via livestream ONLY; breaks are allowed)
  2. Present an audio mention of www.dreamesper.com OR display a solid watermark of main site address (displayed at all times throughout video)
  3. Uploaded to youtube.com
  4. Showcase within DREAMESPER DISCORD server (connect via on-site link)
  5. Verified/reviewed/approved by the team at DREAMESPER
  6. Game played via emulation is acceptable
  7. Cheats (in-game) are NOT allowed
  8. MUST start a brand new game from beginning to end

Best of luck to all participants!

** Kindly send inquiries to [email protected] regarding list of amiibo being offered (approximately 12-14 in total). **

Contest expiration: 11/15/22 @ midnight, EST

ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMEFRAME for prize: 2-3 weeks from date of approval

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