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It’s simple:  should you be randomly selected for either a NS/XSX/PS5 console giveaway due to a purchase within the following -10- order(s) being processed, again, that includes a console order originally placed, you will be eligible to receive a console from the category of console(s) relating to the original order. (ex: ps5 purchase, enter drawing for a ps5; Nintendo Switch purchase, enter drawing for an NS OLED, etc.)


I. Rules

  • Should ANY charge on an upcoming console(s) purchase be cancelled, disputed and/or charged back to merchant at ANY time during processing of original order prior to receiving reward, the eligible contestant(s) will NO LONGER be eligible to gain entry into random drawing(s) to receive giveaway reward. * NO EXCEPTIONS *
  • Allow one (1) month for eligible & winning contestant to receive the reward, via delivery to shipping address, from date of reward prize notice/announcement(s).
  • For ps5 purchase(s), ps5 (disc) model will be the ONLY model eligible for giveaway.
  • For XSX purchase(s), Xbox Series ‘X’ model will be the ONLY model eligible for giveaway.
  • For Nintendo Switch purchase(s), NS OLED (White) model will be the ONLY model eligible for giveaway.
  • Random drawing(s) to include customer(s) from all three (3), individual console categories for whom are eligible for entry. (Combined for every -10-, newly processing orders only relating to console purchases.
  • Random winner(s) throughout the course of giveaway will be notified via email of reward offering(s).
  • Limited to one (1) drawing per entry. (No duplicate entry/entries allowed).

**If a successful, overall turnout for giveaway is achieved, giveaway(s) may become on-going within the near future as well. **


If any questions/inquiries related to giveaway, feel free to contact us at any time.



In order to make sure that any winning score is genuine, any and all submissions must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Recorded by digital video (either via livestream OR individual recording)
  2. Present an audio mention of OR display a solid watermark of main site address (displayed at all times throughout video)
  3. Uploaded to
  4. Showcase within DREAMESPER DISCORD server (connect via on-site link)
  5. Verified/reviewed/approved by the team at DREAMESPER
  6. Game played via emulation is acceptable
  7. Cheats (in-game) are NOT allowed
  8. Current WR holders that are a part of each title’s submission scores on are ineligible to participate

** Estimated shipping timeframe for each contest prize: 3-4 weeks from date of approval. **

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