BUY NOW, PAY LATER… how does that work?

A: Offered by QuadPay, this unique method of payment is calculated at time of checkout based on various factors. If approved, you may BUY NOW, PAY LATER through 4 payment installments over 6 weeks with 25% of the purchase price due upfront.

BEST OFFER… how does that work?

A: If you think a price on a product is too high, kindly send us an email with your specific BEST OFFER & we will decide to work with you on a final sale price to fit your preference.

Is shipping inclusive in your prices?

A:  No; kindly refer to your shopping cart for updated shipping cost(s).

How long does shipping take for orders placed?

A:  Kindly see each product description for shipping timeframe details.

Is there a return policy?

A:  Yes; see menu bar for link & details.

Why do you accept FULL PAYMENT instead of partial payment from customers for your pre-payments?

A:  Due to risk & other related factors; very tiny business at the moment, etc.

What is the difference between a preorder & a pre-purchase?

A:  PREORDERS relate to products that have NOT yet been released. PRE-PURCHASES relate to products that have already been released to the public but are presently not yet IN STOCK.

Do you accept credit card payment?

A:  Yes, all major credit cards are accepted as well as AmazonPay payment method.

Are you in any way affiliated with Gamepad Digital (GPD)?

A:  Yes; Dreamesper is the very first, official authorized reseller of GPD products for the USA market.

Do you ship internationally for orders?

A:  Yes, worldwide. However, due to mailing restrictions, lithium-ion batteries will NO LONGER be shipped internationally.

Why should I buy a GPD product from your shop instead?

A: Dreamesper always strives to meet consumer demand. As opposed to making a purchase from an overseas competitor, purchasing through this shop will lower the following risks:

Assurance that your product(s) will be handled/packed/shipped with utmost care.

Certainty that you are receiving the latest revision of GPD product(s)

Certainty that you will receive fast communication & dedicated customer service

Ease of exchange or return in case a defective product is received

Unique ordering process whether you decide to have your product(s) modified pre-shipment or not