BEST OFFER… how does that work?

A: Kindly send us an email with your specific BEST OFFER & we will decide to work with you on a final sale price to fit your preference.

Do you price match other retailer(s) and/or other competitor website(s)?

A: Yes, we do. Final sale price along with shipping cost(s) can be settled upon by merchant & customer(s) once proof is provided regarding a specific price match. Kindly contact us via email in order to discuss further.

Additionally, if a price match is to be granted from any website that sells similar product(s), an item(s) that are ‘on sale’ or that have a reduction in standard price will NOT be accepted.

** Major retail chain(s) along with brand website pricing MUST show ‘Shipped and sold by’ the merchant. Any 3rd party pricing within a separate seller marketplace (amazon.com, walmart.com) will NOT be accepted. No exceptions. **

What if there is a product of interest that your website doesn’t offer? Can you assist in obtaining the product(s)?

A: Yes, absolutely. If there is a product(s) that are difficult to find elsewhere, let us know the product details & we will work very hard to obtain it for you within a reasonable timeframe.

Which shipping carriers do you use?


Is shipping inclusive in your prices?

A:  No; kindly refer to the bottom of the SHOPPING CART page for updated shipping cost(s).

How long does shipping take for orders placed?

A:  Kindly see each product description for shipping timeframe details.

Is there a return policy?

A:  Yes; see menu bar for link & details.

Why do you accept FULL PAYMENT instead of partial payment from customers for your pre-payments?

A:  Due to risk & various related factors.

What is the difference between a preorder & a pre-purchase?

A:  PREORDERS relate to products that have not yet been released. PRE-PURCHASES relate to products that have already been released to the public but are presently not yet IN-STOCK.

What payment methods do you accept?

A:  All major credit cards are accepted as well as VENMO/APPLE PAY & ZIP/AFTERPAY/AFFIRM/KLARNA (Buy Now, Pay Later).

  • Does the VENMO payment method offer PURCHASE PROTECTION on product(s) offered on your website?
    • A:  Yes; simply select as a ‘Goods and Services’ transaction within the Venmo app (paying via mobile) or via checkout (paying via PC).

Do you ship internationally for orders?

A:  Yes, worldwide. However, certain restrictions may apply depending on product availability.

Typical categories which may apply include:

  • Consoles
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Camera accessories
  • Lithium-ion battery replacements (due to international shipping regulations)


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