Is shipping inclusive in your prices?

A:  No; kindly refer to your shopping cart for updated shipping cost(s).

How long does shipping take for orders placed?

A:  Kindly see each product description for shipping timeframe details.

Is there a return policy?

A:  Yes; see menu bar for link & details.

Why do you accept FULL PAYMENT instead of partial payment from customers for your pre-payments?

A:  Due to risk & other related factors; very tiny business at the moment, etc.

What is the difference between a preorder & a pre-purchase?

A:  PREORDERS relate to products that have NOT yet been released. PRE-PURCHASES relate to products that have already been released to the public but are presently not yet IN STOCK.

Do you accept credit card payment along with standard Paypal transfer payments?

A:  Yes

Are you in any way affiliated with Gamepad Digital (GPD)?

A:  Yes; Dreamesper LLC. is the very first, official authorized reseller of GPD products for the USA market.

Does your shop ship internationally for orders?

A:  Yes; however, by exception. Kindly email j@dreamesper.com to discuss negotiated terms.