Puzzle Master contest

For this unique contest, DREAMESPER will be awarding a prize to the very first individual who can achieve a single-player, Mode-A, total lines score of 235 on TETRIS for the original Gameboy.

In order to make sure that the winning score is genuine, any and all submissions must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Recorded by digital video (either via livestream OR individual recording)
  2. Present an audio mention of www.dreamesper.com OR display a solid watermark of main site address (displayed at all times throughout video)
  3. Uploaded to youtube.com
  4. Showcase within DREAMESPER DISCORD server (connect via on-site link)
  5. Verified/reviewed/approved by the team at DREAMESPER
  6. Game played via emulation is acceptable
  7. Cheats (in-game) are NOT allowed
  8. Session must be played from start to finish

Upon approval, the winner of the contest will be declared & awarded a LEGEND OF ZELDA poster frame ($50 value) as the winning prize.

** Failure to follow all of the above requirements will result in non-approval. **

** Contest expires by 11/15/22; end of day (EST) **

I wish all contestants the best of luck on their unique endeavor to achieve success for this extremely challenging game for the original GameBoy.

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