Firmware Development

Welcome to the custom firmware development page on Dreamesper!

Our goal has always been to deliver the top leading, retro entertainment products in the industry. With that in mind, it is the belief of this company and shop that in order to offer the best in the business, we need to be the best in the business simultaneously.

So, in order to accomplish this, we have decided to open up what we would like to call a dream opportunity for all fellow, independent developers that operate off of Windows/Linux/Mac/Android environments.

If you are currently/presently a programmer but want to establish yourself and gain some recognition within the retro entertainment community, feel free to reach out & get in contact with us via our CONTACT PAGE link above. We would love to hear from you & work with you in order to assist in developing new & creative custom firmware(s) for any and/or all of these beloved devices being sold at Dreamesper.

Happy programming & we wish you success on your endeavor to achieve greatness! For further information on Dreamesper’s contribution to the retro entertainment community, kindly visit the following blog & you may gain a further retrospective of how well ‘CleanROM & LineageOS CFW’ resulted for the GPD XD PLUS!

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