Contest #2

For this very first contest, the site will be awarding the very first individual who can beat the 2nd ranked score linked below with a BRAND NEW, complimentary GPD XD+ bundle!

In order to make sure that the winning score is genuine, any and all submissions must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Recorded by digital video (either via livestream OR individual recording)
  2. Present an audio mention of OR display a solid watermark of main site address (displayed at all times throughout video)
  3. Uploaded to
  4. Showcase within DREAMESPER DISCORD server (connect via on-site link)
  5. Verified/reviewed/approved by the team at DREAMESPER
  6. Game played via emulation is acceptable
  7. Cheats (in-game) are NOT allowed

Also, please be sure to view the rules for this particular game & score within the description provided by the twingalaxies link above.

Upon approval, the winner of the contest will be declared & awarded a BRAND NEW, GPD XD PLUS bundle as the winning prize.

** Failure to follow all of the above requirements will result in non-approval. **


  • GPD XD PLUS (brand new)
  • LineageOS pre-installed (latest version)
  • Sandisk microSD card (256gb)
  • GPD carry case

** Contest expires by 11/15/22; end of day (EST) **

I wish all contestants the best of luck on their unique endeavor to achieve success for this extremely challenging game for the original Sony Playstation.

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