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1 review for Link (Twilight Princess) amiibo

  1. Daniel Johnson


    I had to leave a review, this goes out to JB. Finally I don’t have to worry about GS/BB or amazon anymore. gets my 10 out of 10 review, why you might as? The line of communication was so perfect it was very easy to get ahold of JB, even if your looking for things that’s not on the site he’ll go out of his way to see if he can find it for you (Talk about service). Other retailers need to learn from JB how things are supposed to be done. As you know “amiibo” are hard to find so I asked JB if he could find any monster hunter stories 2 amiibo, not only did he keep his word about looking, he found one an emailed me asap with a picture showing me he had it. Only took a few minutes to put up on his site & yes when it says “ships immediately ” expect next day (if not next day just know its coming in a few days) tracking number was giving to me & everything. I received it in a box that had my amiibo protected for safe shipping, I’m glad I signed up an became a member to, the price is right no issues with me. I will definitely order again (as I’ve already did) any issues or questions you might have no fear, JB will gladly talk with you to reassure you have nothing to worry about. As always JB thank you for going above & beyond.

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