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GPD XD PLUS – latest revision model

(8 customer reviews)


Estimated shipping timeframe:   1 week from date of order

LineageOS pre-installed




** RECEIVE a GPD carry case complimentary along with order! **


  • Android 7.1 O.S.
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 200GB MicroSD expanded memory option
  • 64bit processing architecture
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

8 reviews for GPD XD PLUS – latest revision model

  1. Javier Bustamante


    Phenomenal device! Plays everything digitally from NES/SNES/GB/GBC/GBA/N64/PS1/DREAMCAST/DS/Saturn

  2. Randy

    For anyone wondering if this site is legit yes it is. I ordered the gpdxd a long time ago it took a while to receive it but it was well worth the wait. The product was perfect and now I’m looking to buy the gpdxd plus from here since its cheaper and legit so if ur having seconds thoughts don’t just get it right here!

  3. Brendon (verified owner)

    This product is simply fantastic. For the retro gamer on the go it is a must have. I have everything from MAME to Dreamcast and I am loving it. The GPD XD+ comfortably fits in my pocket and the battery life has been fair(4-8 hours). As for the shopping experience itself, well, there were a few bumps in the road. Some sort of issue with shipping but once it did get moving it sure got here quick. Less than 2 days after the post office got everything sorted out and it was in my mailbox. BUT where Dreamesper really shined for me was the after purchase product support. He helped me install custom firmware and select emulators and get familiar with the device. For anyone reading this I will also note that during my installation I had some issues with wifi that he already knew about and the firmware on CleanROM is what made everything work perfectly for me. Every device has some hardware differences depending on the version you receive so just play with and you will get it sorted out. You can get help and involvement in the discord community and Reddit.

    Really the only reason I am putting 4 out of 5 stars was the shipping issue. Other than that everything else was excellent!

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product and good quality. Has a ton of stuff built in and can handle about everything up to Dreamcast. Very pleased with my purchase!

  5. David (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic product. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This little machine satisfies all my gaming needs. Additionally, the exceptional service I have received from the operator of this business makes me want to buy additional systems like the GPD XD Win. Great product and great service.

  6. Richard Capewell

    Richard C. (verified owner)

    Delighted with my new GPD XD+, perfect machine for emulation, especially when I put Cleanrom 2.0 on it. Good communication from Dreamesper during the shipping process.

  7. Gordon Kirchner

    Gordon Kirchner (verified owner)

    Amazing little device capable of doing so much. Exception service too, Dreamesper did a great job setting up the device to be great out of the box. If you’re into old games this is a must buy, especially with the HDMI out and Bluetooth support.

  8. Martin Lamontagne

    Martin Lamontagne (verified owner)

    This product is just so wonderful. If you are a huge fan like me, you must think of buying one. The service is the best. The seller takes time to answer all my questions ( and I asked a lot). He also take time to check if I receive this jewel and if I’m happy with it. I offer 5 stars to the product and 6 stars for the service. Thanks for all and I don’t hesitate to recommand the seller and of course the product.

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