GPD WIN 2 (256GB)

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  • Windows 10 O.S.
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256gb internal memory SSD
  • 2*4900mAh batteries for long gameplay time
  • MicroSD slot for up to 1TB additional memory capacity
  • USB Type-A
  • USB Type-C
  • Micro HDMI

1 review for GPD WIN 2 (256GB)

  1. Charles Martin

    The GPDwin2 is basically a 3DSxl sized PC loaded with windows 10 and a built in game controller.

    This thing does as advertised, it plays most AAA games on low with little to no hassle, iv’e been using mine to play skyrim, alien isolation just to name a couple.

    The only thing i don’t love about this unit the placement of R3 and L3 is a bit odd and the ssd gets a bit hot under load making the fan get louder than i’d like.

    All in all this is an amazing piece of hardware 4 out 5 stars

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